Van Nistelrooij gives update on Obispo: ‘Remembers himself that he scored’

Ruud van Nistelrooij is happy that his team has continued to believe after a bad period of time. The practice master had to make some adjustments to the lineup himself during the won match against Feyenoord (4-3), but his team kept to the plan well. Van Nistelrooij also speaks about the situation of Armando Obispo, who had to leave the field injured after his winning goal
โ€œI thought we were off to a good start today,โ€ Van Nistelrooij tells ESPN. โ€œSome had to be converted into the lineup, but despite the mistake where the goal came out, we started strong today. I had to do that conversion because Feyenoords midfield was different. But we wanted to link ourselves beforehand to what they would do in that midfield.โ€ In the early stages, Van Nistelrooij let Ibrahim Sangarรฉ play a bit more ahead and linked Joey Veerman to Quinten Timber as a man.
PSV has been in a bit of a slight dip in shape in recent weeks. Against FC Twente and against Bodรธ/Glimt in the Europa League, the team played a little less. Van Nistelrooij believes that the intentions were no different than normal in this competition. โ€œIt also depends a bit on your intentions. I have also seen the intention we had today in recent weeks. And that makes sense because I am a trainer who makes a plan and prepares for it during training sessions. For example, you saw in the last games that the intentions were good, but that it didn
t quite work out. And its good that weve stuck to that.โ€
Obispo was the absolute match winner on Sunday. He scored the winning goal, but due to a clash with Mads Pedersen, the goalscorer was briefly unconscious. According to Van Nistelrooij, Obispo is now back to normal. โ€œHe himself remembers that he scored the winning score, yes. Fortunately, he passed all the tests well, so we dont expect any major damage to him.โ€