Van Nistelrooij: ‘PSV goes against both Ajax and AS Monaco max’

PSV trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij does not intend to take on half strength against Ajax in the battle for the Johan Cruijff Scale. Three days after the clash in Amsterdam, the people of Eindhoven are already playing against AS Monaco in the preliminary round of the Champions League.
“We approach every match to the maximum. Of course, we also look at the matches that come after, but we also know how serious that match is for us, very serious”, says Van Nistelrooij in front of ESPN‘s camera about the Johan Cruijff Scale duel with the rival.
Whoever will start PSV against Ajax with is still a bit to wait and see. Van Nistelrooij will look at his options in the coming days. “We’
re going to throw everything together and see how everyone got out of this game (against Real Betis). We‘re looking at the guys who might still be able to hook up. And then we plan in the coming weeks towards Ajax, AS Monaco, the competition start against FC Emmen and the return match against Monaco. It is four matches that we can plan with the fitness of the players and the way of playing in relation to the opponents. But we go every game to the maximum.”
Van Nistelrooij thinks that PSV is refueling confidence through the victory over Betis (2-1). “Winning is the most important thing. That’
s what‘s best for everyone. If you can finish the last game of the practice campaign like this before the real work begins, it’s great to win. And everyone ended up fit. That was the most important thing.”