‘Van Nistelrooij said: I have a different idea, you made me stagger’

Marcel Brands, the new general manager of PSV, addresses for the first time the rumor that Ruud van Nistelrooij had to be persuased to work as head coach. According to Evertons board member, the fork is different in the handle.
โ€œRuud actually called me just before I made the decision to return to PSV,โ€ Brands told ESPN. โ€œRuud knew nothing about that at that time. Ruud actually called to have coffee once when I was in the Netherlands.โ€ Van Nistelrooij wanted to spar with Brands about his career, but the head training was not yet a question at that time. โ€œThen I actually told him what was going on,โ€ Brands acknowledges.
After it was officially announced that Brands would return to Eindhoven, the pair spoke about the vacant position of head coach, but also about further ambitions. โ€œHe then called me at the end of the day saying, โ€œI have a different idea. You actually made me stagger,โ€ recalls Brands. โ€œI told him, I didn
t mean to shake you up, but let the conversation settle down and well come back about it in a few days.โ€
Brands doesn
t know what he said, which changed Van Nistelrooijs mind. Only after the first conversation between the duo, technical director John de Jong came into the picture to follow further conversations. โ€œFor me, its very difficult to tell what triggered him,โ€ Brands concludes. โ€œMaybe my enthusiasm. The moment I take a knot to opt for PSV, I also go with complete dedication. Maybe thats what he felt was that surrender on my part.โ€