Van Nistelrooy: ‘He’s been through a lot, but we’re going to reap the benefits’

Ruud van Nistelrooij is happy to have Xavi Simons at his disposal this coming season. Although the van Paris Saint-Germain midfielder remained on the side against Cercle Brugge, he makes a good impression on the training, states the PSV trainer.
Simons signed a contract earlier this week until the summer of 2027: โ€œHe made a fresh and sharp impression on the training. He moves very quietly in the group, knows a number of guys from the Orange selections and is of course a well-known player for everyoneโ€, says Van Nistelrooij after the tie against Cercle, recorded by De Cceit. โ€œAlthough he is very young, he is already very far in his approach to being a pro. I know a couple of guys at Paris Saint-Germain who I was able to ask about what hes like and I heard nothing but good. Also from the national team coach of the national youth teams.โ€
So far, Simons only played eleven games at the highest level. Yet, at the age of nineteen, he is already a player who has put himself on the map internationally. Van Nistelrooij does not fear that the midfielder sees this as a burden. โ€œWe have very well aligned where it stands and how we want to use it and how he will use it,โ€ he says. โ€œAt his age, he has been through a lot and is very well known, but I think we are going to continue to develop a very young and talented player and that we are going to reap the benefits.โ€