Van Nistelrooy honest after PSV announcement: ‘Then I thought: hmm, sucks’

Ruud van Nistelrooy initially said ‘no’ to PSV‘s offer to become a head coach, but the Jong PSV trainer soon regretted that. The talks with Marcel Brands made the final push.
โ€œIn the conversation with Toon Gerbrands and John de Jong, I didn’
t have what I have now,โ€ Van Nistelrooy starts talking to PSV TV about the first conversations with the club. After Roger Schmidt announced that he is leaving after this season, the rumor mill started. โ€œAfter that, I saw names of possible candidates pass by. And then I thought: hmm, sucks,โ€ says a smiling Van Nistelrooy.
It got the former top striker thinking. โ€œI thought right away: if there‘s another moment, it’s a thousand percent sure I‘m going to do it. I first noticed: I want this, I can do this and I’m going to do this. I‘ll take the next chance. Like a devil came out of a box when Marcel Brands. I had good conversations with him, then the fire started to burn.โ€
The upcoming managing director of PSV was able to convince Van Nistelrooy. โ€œBrands held my resume to me… You did the Dutch team for two years, as an assistant to Guus Hiddink. You went to the past EC as an assistant, you’
ve been an assistant to Phillip Cocu. You did PSV O19 for three years and a year of Young PSV. What else will you do, bringing you closer to PSV 1? That has been the last push.โ€