Van Persie in conclave with Slot over Feyenoord: ‘Three times four hours’

Robin van Persie will start working intensively with Arne Slot from next season. The head coach of Feyenoord is supported around race days by the former striker, who left a good feeling from their mutual conversations.
The two sat together three times to get acquainted. โ€œEvery time it was supposed to take an hour, but it has become three or four hours each time,โ€ says Van Persie to the club channel of Feyenoord. โ€œThat does indicate that we have a good click and are aligned with each other. It will be important in my role that I am also independent, and that is what Arne wants. I just need to trigger him and come up with other ideas.โ€
The Rotterdammers will at least start playing football next season. โ€œIn those few times we spoke, I noticed that he has a very positive, independent and clear football philosophy,โ€ says Oranje‘s top scorer of all time. โ€œIt is very offensive and that comes close to the ideal image as I would like to play. Ultimately, I’m supposed to help around the weekends.โ€
In addition to his role in the first team, Van Persie will also become assistant trainer at the Onder 16 team of Feyenoord. Together with Brian Pinas, who is head coach, he then takes his own son Shaqueel under his wing.