Van Ship and the Impact of the Games: ‘Just Cost Brain Capacity’


fact, in the NieuwECCCEIT Olympic Podcast with (track) cyclist Jan-Willem van Schep only one thing needs to be clear. Who or what is project Kondichuri?

Van Schep is a voice waterfall, but his own invention – which he introduced at the World Cup in 2018 – has so far been striking on the plain.

His secret project is supposed to lead to medals on the track in Tokyo. Van Schip runs the omnium individually and together with his buddy Yoeri Hawk the coupling course. And he also comes into action at the road game.

โ€œ I‘m laughing to say I’m a medal candidate, but I think I am.โ€

That sounds like โ€œfreedom joy, โ€œbut it‘s not. Van Ship: โ€œI’m not a fan of the next-weekend weather race.โ€

Big freak show in Rio

At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Van Ship participated in the team pursuit. That yielded no significant results, but a lot of experience.

โ€œ When you enter the dining room at the Games, it‘s a big freak show. You can see a lot of things running around there. One is 2 meters, the other is 1 meter 40, some are really skinny or fat. And all famous people. That makes the Games have such an impact. You can’t get around it. It just takes brain capacity. You can‘t nuance that stimulus.โ€

Anyone who goes on a journey through the head of Van Ship will soon find out that coincidence does not exist. โ€œA lot of crap can be trained. But it all boils down to the following: you don’t have to ride hard, but you have to move fast.โ€

Cruijffian, but typical Van Ship. The longer you listen to him, the more you understand him and the clearer it becomes why project Kondichuri – whatever it is – could end successfully.