Van Vleuten in top form, but misses World Cup: Thats what hurts a lot

That she has to leave the Giro Rosa in the pink leader‘s jersey with a broken wrist, she calls sour. But especially missing the world championships is a bitter pill for Annemiek van Vleuten.

The mental pain is worse than the physical one. I was so keen to defend my jumper there. The fact that you can’t ride at the World Championships in your very best performance is what really hurts a lot

Whole arm in plaster

Van Vleuten tells her story with not only her wrist, but almost her entire left arm in plaster. In the final stage of the seventh stage she went under. Van Vleuten immediately felt that her wrist was broken. I immediately saw that my hand was just standing inside. It didn‘t take a doctor to see that it was broken

She drove out of the stage and then got into the ambulance towards the hospital. They put it right without anaesthesia, apparently that doesn’t happen in the south of Italy, not in the Netherlands. I had a very difficult minute at the hospital, but it‘s straight again

See images of the fall below:

To the sentence in which 37-year-old Van Vleuten says not to go to the World Cup, she adds the word ‘most likely‘.

Despite the injuries, she will keep the door ajar next Saturday in Imola at the start. Against her better judgement, it seems. I expect it to be almost an impossible story, I assume it’s not an option

Still, there is a glimmer of hope that she holds on to. I am in contact with the doctor who helped Tom Dumoulin in 2016 and who said: something may still be possible In the Tour de France of that year Dumoulin broke his wrist only to win Olympic silver in the time trial a few weeks later.

Van Vleuten, realistic: Anyway, that was before he saw the photos. I’m going to go there tomorrow and let myself be well informed and examined Van Vleuten will undergo surgery in the next few days. Then we will look further

It’s part of cycling

However disappointing it may be, Van Vleuten feels that she can’t blame herself and that makes her laugh cautiously. I‘m also a little let down by it, it’s part of cycling

This is worthless, especially if you are in top form and with a World Championship course that is written for you. But I didn’t make a mistake, if I could blame myself, I’d be more disappointed here. It’s supershit, but part of the job.