Van Vleuten praises team, but wins himself: ‘Really had fun today’

Annemiek van Vleuten would have liked to award the European title to someone else within the Dutch cycling team, but in the end she grabbed the grand prize herself. Even though it did not happen by itself. “I didn’t get it as a present,” says Van Vleuten.

For a long time, the current world champion acted as a lightning conductor so that her teammates could benefit. In the finals, Chantal Blaak also participated in the race and Van Vleuten showed her exactly how she could take off with the title.

“The best was off at the end”, the 37-year-old champion confessed after the race. “I’m quite done now.” However, the smile was no less after her first European title. One of the few who was still missing from her list of achievements.

‘Really had fun in’

“You have a team of seven strong girls who can all win,” Van Vleuten praised the Dutch delegation. “I am very proud of how we as a team have communicated and ridden together. I really had fun today.”

Look here at the reactions of Annemiek van Vleuten and Chantal Blaak:

Not for nothing Van Vleuten announced that he wanted to race for at least another two years before the title match. The rider who will soon sign a new contract does not seem to have the best of luck yet, although the team she will be racing with is not yet known

“I saw it from a distance, but she just finished it very nicely”, Blaak complimented her teammate on the last few meters. Blaak, world champion in 2017, saw herself lose a dream, while Van Vleuten had given her courage when the race seemed to turn out to be a sprint

Blaak fourth

It was to no avail, Blaak had to settle for fourth place after a nice final. “I can’t be more than satisfied with a nice race. And we have the win. Prima”, she was satisfied with the result of the Dutch team.

This is where the European champion joined in. “When it gets really tough, you can see that this is the place to race. This is very nice for the Dutch team.”

Look at the summary of the European Championship road race below: