Van Weyenberg: no future for Tata Steel if it stays as dirty as it is today

Secretary of State Van Weyenberg believes that there is no future for Tata Steel in IJmuiden if the company remains as dirty as it is today. โ€œAs it goes, it can no longer be done,โ€ he said this morning following a RIVM study published yesterday.

The study shows that people living near the company are exposed to far more harmful substances than people living elsewhere.

The North Holland deputy Jeroen Olthof said yesterday that the steel industry in the IJmond can only survive if the adverse effects on health and the environment diminish as quickly as possible. The demissionary Secretary of State for Infrastructure used similar words. He said something happened yesterday.

More stringent permits

Van Weyenberg is going to talk to the county. He would like to help them tighten the licensing conditions and enforce them better. The Secretary of State also said he wants to do his best in the EU to tighten the rules governing the steel industry. โ€œBut the latter is going to be a long time and the local people really can‘t wait for that.โ€

Van Weyenberg pointed out that talks about Tata were often about jobs, as well as the climate today. โ€œBut it really has to be about people’s health. That deserves a full –fledged place in the choices of the coming months.โ€

The director of Tata acknowledged yesterday that the company could have started measures to make the plant cleaner earlier. Van Weyenberg said: โ€œDo it faster and more ambitious.โ€ He added that there are several ways in which Tata can emit less CO2, for example by using hydrogen or by storing CO2.