Vaporum: Lockdown is released on Nintendo Switch on March 22

Studio Fatbot Games has named another release date for the steampunk first-person role-playing game Vaporum: Lockdown. The Vaporum prequel will appear on the Nintendo Switch on March 22. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released later, they are expected until the end of the year.

Last September, the game appeared on the RS, and on Steam it collects very positive reviews. History of scientist Ellie Teller is recommended by 88% of buyers.

And on Metacritic, its average score is 68. Players who want to enjoy the first-person dungeons will feel at home in Vaporum: Lockdown.

The buzzing story here is framed by a fascinating combat system that gives a constant sense of progress, and a lot of puzzles that will test for the endurance of anyone. And all this in an environment inspired by steampunk.

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