VAR Nijhuis approved Ajax goal: ‘I just looked if it was consciousness’

Bas Nijhuis was video referee during PEC Zwolle against Ajax (0-2) last Saturday and approved the opening goal of Sรฉbastien Haller in that match. In the run-up to that goal, Steven Berghuis seemed to be making hands, but thats different.
Since the new rules on offensive hands have entered, it
s not about purely hands alone. โ€œI looked to know if it was aware of what he did or not,โ€ says Nijhuis during Veronica Inside. โ€œIf its conscious, so if he gets wide and therefore has the ball with him, then you have to disapprove of it. It must be a real thing of consciousness. If the ball had hit his arm, we would have approved it.โ€
That would have been different last season. Then the arbitrator would have had no choice but to point his colleague to the handball on the field, but that was no longer necessary. โ€œIf a hand was made somewhere before the start of the goal, the goal was already frowned upon. You don
t have to look there now and its just about the last shot. Here, for example, it took far too long before a goal came out.โ€