Veerman and Gakpo moderate at PSV: ‘Only Sangaré reliable, reversed world’

PSV is 1-0 ahead at rest, but Kenneth Perez and Marciano Vink are not impressed by the people of Eindhoven. The former saw that goalscorer Joey Veerman and Cody Gakpo are not showing strong. Ibrahim Sangaré does get compliments.
PSV is in the lead against Monaco, but there is plenty of room for improvement among the people of Eindhoven. I think its rare that you suffer so much ball loss and still stand 1-0, Perez starts at ESPN. Veerman deals in losing ball for his goal, Gakpo also loses the ball often. The only one trustworthy was Sangaré. The Upside Down World.
Next, Vink will speak. PSV just has a lot of trouble with Ben Yedder, Volland and Minamino. They are close to each other, that doesn
t happen often anymore. Teze and Obispo are having a hard time. Monaco has really had some reasonable chances.
Vink also zooms in on Veermans hit. It was a great goal. Mwene keeps an overview. He looked very closely and at the age of sixteen, Veerman was free. At Monaco, they were just watching the ball, great for Veerman.