Veerman Avokes PSV Transfer

Joey Veerman was a bit upset when he learned that PSV started with Davy Prรถpper. The seasoning of sc Heerenveen sees a transfer to a top Dutch club this summer, but he sees that there are few options left.
โ€œAjax has a lot of good midfielders, PSV just chose someone else,โ€ Veerman tells ESPN. โ€œI happened to be on the beach with him (Prรถpper, ed.). Not together, but he was also on that beach in Ibiza. Then we heard the news that afternoon. That‘s bad, but you don’t do anything about it. Suppose he hasn‘t been made, you don’t know if they had made me as well. Then you think of sucks, but nothing else.โ€
The 22-year-old midfielder does not rule out that he stays with Heerenveen for another year, although he is ready to take a next step. โ€œThat‘s always hard to say about yourself. But I would love to, let me put it that way.โ€ So he saw the Eredivision-Summit, but abroad is also an option. โ€œIt’s just what kind of club comes along. I think it‘s going to be very difficult in the Netherlands so there’s only one thing to do.โ€
Heerenveen trainer Johnny Jansen hopes that the Volendammer will remain. He thinks that chances are high. โ€œWell right now, that‘s one hundred percent. No club has reported yet. It’s also true that clubs might be a little frightened at the price that might have to be paid. I think they said about the ten million or so once.โ€