“Veerman has just more quality than Zerrouki and he went for six million”

Theo Janssen thinks there is a good chance that FC Twente and Feyenoord will agree again on Ramiz Zerrouki. Algeria‘s 24-year-old international is in the picture with the Rotterdammers as successor to Fredrik Aursnes.
According to RTL7, both clubs will sit down again on Friday. Feyenoord made a bid of five million euros, while Twente coach Ron Jans wondered whether ten million is enough. Zerrouki is stuck in Enschede for another two years, with the option for another year. Ten million is a lot to me, but five million may be too little. If you sit in the middle, around seven or seven and a half, that’
s a fantastic offer, Janssen responds.
The former midfielder points to players like Joey Veerman and Quinten Timber. Veerman has just more quality than Zerrouki and he went for six million. Janssen thinks it will come around in the end. If a player wants to go to a top club, that makes sense. If you can take that step, many players will be just a little less motivated in training. If you stop him as a club, that‘s no use to you.
Janssen finds it understandable that Zerrouki wants to go to Feyenoord. They will say that Twente and Feyenoord are fairly close to each other in terms of positions, but in the end you will play at a top club. The pressure is different, the Legion is different. I imagine you want to take that step. I also made it myself in 2010, from Twente to Ajax. Then everyone said: why do you do that? You’
re already playing at a top club at the time. But it‘s different at a club that is much more well-known in the country.
Janssen also thinks that the native Amsterdammer in De Kuip can earn up to three times more. He comes from the youth and won’
t have the highest contract. I think about two to two and a half tons. At Feyenoord, you will definitely go to three times as much.