Veerman: ‘I played at Heerenveen, I regularly got against him in the Arena’

Joey Veerman can understand the anger of the RKC Waalwijk selection about the penalty moment. The PSV midfielder believes that he experienced the same thing in his sc Heerenveen time.
PSV received a penalty during the injury time, after Hans Mulder hit Xavi Simons‘ head. โ€œI do see a high leg. If he hits him, it’s a penalty, right? When he hits himโ€, Veerman‘s first response to ESPN is. After a comment from Hans Kraay junior, the midfielder makes a change. Kraay wonders if it was a โ€œtop club penaltyโ€. โ€œOf course, I played at SC Heerenveen. In the Johan Cruijff Arena, we also regularly opposed him like that.โ€
โ€œMaybe, yes, I don’
t know. Normally, it should not be allowed for a top club to get priority with a penalty,โ€ says Veerman, who leaves in the middle whether he thought it was a penalty. โ€œIf he (Gรถzรผbรผyรผk, ed.) sees that it‘s a penalty, it’s just a penalty. I don‘t know I don’t know when it‘s a penalty or not. If he hits him, I think it’s a penalty.โ€