Veerman rejoices: 10 to 12 million is a fazziness, dont think it makes sense.

Joey Veerman is not happy with sc Heerenveen. The 22-year-old playmaker believes that the Frisians are asking for a very high amount for him.
Veerman is in Hellas Verona‘s emphatic interest, but Heerenveen rejected a first bid from Italy. De Volendammer doubts whether it comes from a transfer. โ€œI think the Italians have made a very reasonable bid, but when I hear what Heerenveen asks it can be a very difficult story,โ€ he says to Voetbal International. โ€œTen to twelve million, that’s what I like. After a corona year of empty stadiums, the money is pretty much out of everything. I honestly don‘t think this makes sense.โ€
Veerman already announced his displeasure at the Abe Lenstra Stadium, but Heerenveen reminds him of his three-year contract. โ€œIf it doesn’
t work out this year, we‘re going to enjoy you another year and ask again next season,โ€ says the midfielder, who likes to take on a new challenge. โ€œThe plan was to find it this summer, but I wonder if it’s going to come from it. I am disappointed about that.โ€
According to Veerman, he has several irons in the fire, but then the Frisians have to lower the asking price. โ€œThere are several interested clubs that I am very positive about and Verona is one of them.โ€