Velázquez chose Fortuna based on three criteria: “Had more offers”

Julio Velázquez had offers from various clubs, but he finally decided to take Fortuna Sittéd under his wing. The Spanish practice master started his period as a trainer in Limburg on Monday and is happy to be able to train a club in the Netherlands.
I had several offers from different countries, says Velázquez about his choice for Fortuna Sittéd versus Voetbal International. I have carefully analyzed them all. The story of Fortuna really appealed to me. I thought about it carefully and finally decided to go for the challenge at Fortuna Sittard based on three criteria.
First of all, Velázquez is a fan of Dutch football. The Netherlands is just a real football country. I believe in the possibilities and in the plan they have here at Fortuna Sittard. Secondly, the group of players was an important criterion for the forty-year-old Spaniard. After studying the games so far this season, Ive seen players walking around here who really have a lot of stretch.
In addition, after employment in Spain and Portugal, Velázquez is very keen to raise his expectant child in the Netherlands. My wife is currently heavily pregnant. Normally, our son should be born at the end of this month. My first child is going to be a Dutchman and that is very special. The Netherlands is a safe country with good facilities, so here we can let our child come into the world with peace of mind. That also played a part in my choice.