Velthuizen not in the Eredivisie with Go Ahead: Trial Ended

Piet Velthuizen and Go Ahead Eagles dont get along with each other. The goalkeeper was a PhD student from Deventer recently, but it was decided not to continue with each other.
Go Ahead announces that through official channels. โ€œThere were doubts on both sides about further cooperation,โ€ says technical manager Paul Bosvelt. โ€œPiet also indicated his doubts, after which it was decided in good consultation to end his trial period.โ€
Velthuizen trained with Go Ahead from the first day of training towards the new season, but he does not join the club in the Eredivisie. He played for Fortuna Sittard briefly last season. That
s where Velthuizen immediately fell injured in his first game. The closing post from Nijmegen can continue searching for a new club for the next season.

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