Verbeek and Van der Gijp went out ‘every Thursday evening’: ‘René was there toge’

That René van der Gijp made the transition to sc Heerenveen in 1991, they knew in Friesland. Van der Gijp became a teammate of Gertjan Verbeek at his new club, who states that there was always something to do with the attacker, now analyst at Veronica Inside.
Van der Gijp had to save Heerenveen, a provincial club in the early 90s, from degradation. “René was there all of a sudden. And they knew that also in Heerenveen”, Verbeek thinks back of that time in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad.
Verbeek thinks back to a training camp in Romania, where bears were walking around near the hotel. Yet he decided to go out together with Van der Gijp. “Come on, man! That way,” Verbeek refers to Van der Gijp, who once took the lead. The two ended up at a pole dance club. “Going to training camp with René had one big advantage. It was cozy every night.”
The two went to Groningen every Thursday in the period of Van der Gijp in Heerenveen. “For the sake of Gijp, hear” Verbeek laughs. “When I was there, such an evening at a nightclub or at a frat party at least didnt end at five oclock in the morning. At four oclock we were usually home.”