Verbeek disagrees with criticism Sneijder: ‘We crave these kinds of players’

Gertjan Verbeek disagrees with Wesley Sneijder‘s criticism of Joey Veerman. The PSV midfielder was clearly disappointed after the elimination against Rangers FC and let his heart speak. As far as Verbeek is concerned, this may happen more often during interviews with players.
Verbeek briefly looks back on the interview with Veerman and Sneijder’
s criticism. โ€œThe comment Wesley Sneijder had on him almost burns him down. I found that unjustified. We‘re all dying for guys to say what they think and find. That is why he also likes to be interviewed by you and then he is addressed by an analyst,โ€ says Verbeek during the VTBL broadcast. After the game at RTL 7, Sneijder spoke of a ‘curious interview‘. โ€œIt’s up to everything and everyone and he‘s been in the wrong place, he says himself,โ€ Sneijder cut.
โ€œThat you appeal to him about the fact that he didn’
t play well is one thing. But the fact that he says: I prefer to play at eight instead of ten. I‘m assuming he’s already discussed that with the trainer, but why shouldn‘t you say that in front of a camera? Despite the fact that you play a mediocre match,โ€ Verbeek concludes.

Gertjan Verbeek disagrees with Wesley Sneijder’s criticism of Joey Veerman. โ€œWe all crave players who just say what they think and feel.โ€ #vtbl
โ€” VTBL โšฝ (@vtbl) August 26, 2022