Vermeulen fears ‘biggest danger to football ‘: ‘Real blood link’

Arno Vermeulen calls it ‘real blood link’ that multiple players have connections in the gambling world. Last week it came out that, among others, Tom Beugelsdijk and Aaron Meijers had shares in an illegal gambling company.
Beugelsdijk and Meijers bought shares in Edobet for tens of thousands of euros. Other (ex-) Eredivisie players gambled at the site illegal in the Netherlands. This is very bad news, says Vermeulen, the sports chef at deCCeit, at Studio Voetbal. The biggest danger to football is the gambling world. It‘s really blood link, that you can’t trust anything if this wraps in it like that.
I have to be careful with my words now, but I had figured this out in advance, so forget it further: what happens to those gambling sites is the cancer of football, says Vermeulen shortly after it became known that Louis van Gaal suffers from prostate cancer. It‘s incomprehensible that football players still take shares in an illegal gambling site, while being warned so often.
Vermeulen sees that football players are going wrong in ‘
many more areas‘. We have experienced that with Promes, among other things. There is a lot going on, the clubs have watched a little too much from a distance.

At Studio Voetbal, tonight, there was a deeper look at this weekend’s conversation: the gambling affair around two players from Sparta.
—Ceit Football (@ Ceit football) April 3, 2022