Veronica presents ’30 Fans Only Concerts’

Radio Veronica organises a series of concerts in the Ziggo Dome on Saturday 6 June. Kensington, Ilse DeLange, Duncan Laurence, Alain Clark, Danny Vera and Son Mieux will perform that day in front of a select group of thirty listeners. Usually there will be room for thousands of visitors in the Amsterdam concert hall.

“Music is more important than ever in this day and age. It connects and supports. In this way, outside the radio, we bring artists and listeners together again. In the week after the concert series, we treat listeners at home to one of the performances every evening”, says Niels van Baarlen, Veronicas radio director. Listeners of the station have a chance to win tickets for the 30 Fans Only Concerts next week.

“When the coronavirus hit our country hard, concerts were banned by the government until 1 September. We are pleased that we are now being given the opportunity to take a first step towards the old normal after 1 June. On 6 June there will be concerts in the Ziggo Dome again for the first time in 3 months, of course entirely according to RIVM guidelines and exclusively for 30 fans. It may be a small step for a fan and the Ziggo Dome, but no matter how small: every step will bring you to life,” says Danny Damman, director of the Ziggo Dome.

It goes without saying that in the run-up to and during the concert series the rules of the RIVM will be followed.