Verstappen: ‘Good start to the weekend’

Max Verstappen looked back on Friday more than satisfied with the first two practice sessions for the Grand Prix of Belgium. “We got off to a good start“, said the number two in the World Championship standings, who recorded the third fastest time in the first session and was even the fastest in the second.

“There are still some things we have to work on for Saturday, but overall I am very satisfied”, the Formula 1 driver reports on his website. “A racing car is never perfect. You always try to find things you can do better, but that’s what we’re looking at.”

In the first practice the Mercedesses of Valterri Bottas (fastest) and Lewis Hamilton (second) were on the heels. In the second session Hamilton got stuck in third place and Bottas didn’t get any further than sixth place.


Steps: “Personally, I think Mercedes is still struggling with the balance. I expect that they will be stronger on Saturday. I don’t expect to be able to compete for pole position, but if we could be closer that would be good.”