Verweij opens up Onana booklet: ‘Proffed 2 years ago that he wanted to prolong’

Andre Onanas business observer Albert Botines will soon go to the table with Ajax, knows club watcher Mike Verweij. There will be a lot of things discussed, including the Cameroonians expiry contract. According to Verweij, it is not ruled out that Onana is still extending.
โ€œI know his business observer is coming this way Sunday or Monday,โ€ Verweij starts in De Cceits football podcast about Onana. โ€œThere will be a lot of things going to be discussed. The intention now is to get him to sign. You can do that, if you say, with a limited transfer fee, a year is added. Then Ajax can still get a fixed amount for him. Whether Onana is going to extend is very much up to the conditions.โ€
Verweij then tells us that Onana wanted to renew his contract at an earlier stage. โ€œWhat the fans just don
t know is that Onana indicated two years ago that he was very keen to renew his contract. Then Overmars, as often happens with the management of Ajax, put it on the long track. This is now happening at Lisandro Martรญnez, that contract improvement is not hurting either. If you keep doing things like that, things go wrong.โ€
โ€œIt started way too late and Onana knew that he would be a transfer free in July 2022, preventing them from getting out of it,โ€ Verweij continues. โ€œAfter that, he was caught using doping, causing a major problem. That was not so much because of Onana, but more because of Ajax.โ€
Marc Overmars doesnt see the chances that Onana is still in a bright way, he recently told the Ajax club channels. โ€œYou never know in football, but with todays situation, I dont see it happening that Onana is prolonging soon,โ€ the director of football affairs of the Amsterdammers said.