‘Very 30 dead by explosion in Kandahar Mosque ‘

Suicide attacks at a Shiite mosque in Kandahar, Afghan city of Kandahar, according to local reports, have killed at least thirty people and dozens were injured. It would be two terrorists who blew up at the entrance to the mosque. According to some social media reports, โ€œthe entire mosque has blown up.โ€

The massacre is on the day of prayer, Friday, and a week after a bloody attack at a Shiite mosque in the north of the country, in Kunduz. About fifty deaths and 140 wounded. The estimated around nine million Shiites are a large but heavily persecuted minority in the country of 38 million inhabitants.

The attack on Friday 15 October was at the heart of the regime of current rulers, the Taliban. Kandahar ranks as the cradle and headquarters of the Sunni extremists of the Taliban.

Since 2014, jihadists have been active in the country who compete with the Taliban and call themselves Islamic State of Khorasan Province. They say they are part of Islamic State. Its possibly 3000 Sunni extremists from Pakistan and overrun Taliban fighters. This terror group is at war with the Taliban and has been notorious for many years for bloody attacks on Shiites.

The Taliban themselves persecuted the Shiite minority during their reign of terror in the years 1996 – 2001. Now that they have regained power since August, they are trying to appear moderate. They want international recognition and trade and hope that the population will return to work without fear and trained people not flee away.