Very complex The Hague formation; the heels stand in the sand

โ€œ We are in an extraordinarily complex phase.โ€ It is the short summary of Groenlinks leader Klaver after his conversation with Informateur Hamer, VVD leader Rutte and PVDA leader Ploumen this afternoon in the Stadhouderskamer at the Binnenhof. โ€œIts very complicated.โ€

Almost three months ago were the Second Chamber elections. Today, it is three weeks since SER President Hamer was appointed as an informer. The pronunciation of Klaver and that of Ploumen (โ€œit is very complicatedโ€) and Rutte (โ€œit is complexโ€) make that the formation โ€œstuckโ€ in the Haagse corridors.

Why is this formation running so hard? There is reason enough to build up a new cabinet with some urgency. The Netherlands is in a coronacrisis. Companies need to be helped economically quickly, there is a shortage of housing, the gaps in education are high, and nitrogen emissions need to be done quickly in order to prevent more damage to nature.


The third Rutte cabinet, which resigned in January, is demissionary and should therefore only look at the shop. Only in the area of the corona approach does the Cabinet take far-reaching decisions. Why do the parties still stick to their own preferences and openly put their heels in the sand?

The following overview shows how difficult it is to form a majority cabinet of 76 seats;

Informer Hamer conducts fast conversations with all kinds of clusters. Today she first spoke with VVD, CDA and CU and then with VVD, GroenLinks and PvdA. She has only a few days left: her deadline is Sunday 6 June.


In her public explanatory statement, she stressed that she was working on a recovery and transition policy, in other words, a post-coronacrisis recovery plan. In the last few days, The Hague sources have already hinted that Hamer will probably require extra time, perhaps a few weeks.

There are a number of parties, such as the Christian Union, but perhaps also the SGP, JA21, Volt and the SP, who would like to participate in this. This recovery plan will therefore come forward with proposals to address the educational gap, improve purchasing power and address housing shortages and the nitrogen crisis.

Within a few days, Hamers course should become clear. Now shes still talking. Tomorrow morning she continues her conversations in the Stadhouderskamer; first with Ploumen, then with Segers, then with Klaver and in the afternoon with Kaag (D66).