‘Very inappropriate’, says National Committee 4 and 5 May about poster Forum

The National Committee on 4 and 5 May wants to say few words about the poster of the Forum for Democracy, which links the German occupation during the Second World War and the coronation policy of the Cabinet. โ€œWe find it very inappropriate,โ€ says a spokesman. He leaves it at that.

Forum distributes a poster on social media with the phrase: โ€œOn May 5, we commemorate 75 years of freedom.โ€ Behind it are the years 1945 and 2020 with a death cross for 2020.

The cross suggests that this freedom came to an end in 2020, the year when the coronapandemic came around and the Cabinet came up with measures restricting freedom. The poster has been co-signed by other organisations that are opposed to the corona measures of the government, including the action groups Nederland in Resistance and Viruswaarheid.


โ€œ This is a low point. Again,โ€ says D66 leader Sigrid Kaag on Twitter. She quotes words written by writer Arnon Grunberg at the Remembrance of the Death in 2020. โ€œThere is a special responsibility on MPs, on ministers, to set an example, so that the word is not poison.โ€

PVDA leader Lilianne Ploumen is limited to โ€œDisgusting and wrong than wrongโ€.

Disgusting is also the word used by SP leader Lilian Marijnissen. โ€œHow sad are you to abuse the immense suffering of so many people, a blackened period in our history, for attention.โ€

Gert-Jan Segers of the Christian Union finds it โ€œunbelievableโ€.

Hanna Luden of the Centre for Information and Documentation Israel called the poster in the TV show Hart van Nederland misplaced. โ€œThey don‘t understand the difference between World War II and now they don’t. It‘s incomparable. I suspect Forum of thrill searching to make their point.โ€

Forum leader Thierry Baudet considers the negative reactions hypocritical. โ€œFor decades, our opponents have been politicizing the war to push mass immigration, European power fantasies and modern art. Now we say: will we also consider on 5 May the freedoms that we lost in 2020/2021? That shouldn’t be? What a hypocrisy,โ€ he writes on Twitter.