Vespers adventurous platformer gets great reviews

Deck13 publishing house Spotlight released the atmospheric adventure platformer Vesper by independent Italian studio Cordens Interactive. The game is available on Steam and GOOG and gets a great reception: its average Metacritic score is 82, and Steam has all the reviews so far positive. At first glance it may seem that Vesper is something kind of like Limbo with robots, but its actually a great platformer-puzzle with a small fraction of stealth.

With a large number of checkpoints, it can be played as a regular game, a couple of screens at a time, or trying to beat the best time with a built-in stopwatch that allows you to record and publish your gaming sessions. Great graphics and sound, with a smooth difficulty curve balanced by achievements that arent so easy to unlock.

The Games MachineVesper is a small gem . On the basis of old-fashioned (yet functional) gameplay, Cordens Interactive created a work of art with great authorial value.

Simple yet spectacular puzzles and well-designed storytelling through the environment combine with stunning artistic and sound design. Unfortunately, both stealth and puzzles too simple: their mechanics dont deepen as they pass.

But if you dont strive for complexity, this is one of the few fine Italian projects. And thats enough.

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