Veterans Blizzard from Frost Giant work with Mike Morheim on new RTS on Unreal Engine 5

Studio Frost Giant, founded by Blizzard veterans and developers Warcraft 3 and StarCraft II, announced two new partners. The first was Dreamhaven – it was founded by a founder and a former head Blizzard Mike Morheim, who also managed to make a deal with a host of other studios from Blizzard natives. The studio will help during pre-production and testing.

The second was Epic Games – the debut strategy in real time Frost Giant is created on the basis of Unreal Engine 5. Developers got access to the engine some time ago, and yesterday it became available to everyone – though, within the framework of an early access.

While there is little known about the novelty Frost Giant – only genre. More on CCeit In Scrapnaut added co-op In the teaser of the fourth season of โ€œCobra Kaiโ€ returns the old enemy From Infinity Ward gone narrative leads Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare.