Veterans Valve, Ubisoft, Double Fine and EA found new studio Possibility Space

Game industry veterans from studios such as Valve, Ubisoft, Double Fine, ArenaNet, EA and more have founded a new โ€œinnovativeโ€ studio, Possibility Space. It was headed by Jeff Strain, one of the founders of ArenaNet and developer of Guild Wars 2. It is not clear exactly what Possibility Space is working on, but the press release says about seeking to create a โ€œcollaborative gaming experienceโ€ and โ€œredefine online gamingโ€.

In addition, Strain says that the team is working on โ€œa fun game that he himself has been dreaming of for years. โ€ Possibility Space is headquartered in New Orleans and the staff have the right to work remotely.

Developers included: Jeff Strain โ€” founder of the studio, having previously worked at Blizzard on Starcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft, at ArenaNet on Guild Wars, and in Undead Labs on State of Decay games; Jane Ng – holds the position of Art Director, previously worked on Half-Life: Alyx, and was Senior Artist at EA Maxis and Double Fine; Austin Uloker โ€” Current IP Director, formerly Editor-in-Chief of Waypoint; Liz England โ€” holds the position of Director of Modeling and Storytelling Systems, formerly worked at Ubisoft as lead game designer, had a hand in Watch Dogs: Legion; Richard Fogue as design director, designed God of War and State of War combat systems Decay; Brandon Dillon is Vice President of Engineering, worked on Oculus and at Double Fine; Leah Rivera is Senior Narrative Designer, former Undead Labs employee and ArenaNet; Brian Jennings โ€” Director of Technical Design, former employee of NZXR and Magic Leap; Charles Randall โ€” Senior Gameplay Engineer, former Employee & Ubisoft and BioWare; Erika Tam is a senior gaming engineer, former employee of Electronic Arts and developer of Oculus. More on Gamemania Speedrunner ran the Back 4 Blood campaign in just 1 hour 43 minutes The new Saints Row relaunch video featured shootouts and driving Original GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas missing from online shopping.