Vice President Pence present at swearing-in Biden

The American Vice President Pence, unlike President Trump, is going to the inauguration of the Democrat Biden in Washington in ten days. An employee of Pence announced that.

President Trump reported on Twitter on Friday that he won‘t be there, and Biden said that was a good decision. Also, Biden recently said that Pence is welcome and that it would be an honor to come to the swearing-in.

Pence has always supported Trump during his term of office. This week, the relationship was under great pressure, when Pence refused to ignore the election results, which Trump had insisted on. The meeting in Congress had to be interrupted when the president’s armed supporters stormed the Capitol and security was underfoot. It was only hours later that the session resumed and the victory of the Democrat Biden was officially ratified by the American Parliament.

Vice President Pence was the chairman of the Congress meeting. Among the capitol stormers, there were people who shouted that she wanted to hurt Pence, possibly by holding him hostage. Pence and the others present in the Capitol were taken to a secret space under the parliament building, where they were safe from the attackers.

The inauguration of Biden is on Wednesday 20 January, punctual at noon, in front of the Capitol.