Vice President Pence refuses to remove Trump from office immediately

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has no intention of relieving President Trump from office immediately because of the Capitol Storming. In a letter to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Pence writes that invoking the so-called 25th amendment ‘is not in the interests of our country or in line with our constitution’.

According to Pence, Congress should be better engaged in a smooth transition to the new President Biden. In spite of the letter from Pence, a majority of the House requested that the amendment be activated within a day by means of a resolution Pence.

By Pence‘s refusal to remove Trump from office, the Democrats will most likely impeach Trump himself for the second time in his presidency today. The party holds the majority in the House of Representatives.

Trump is accused by the Democrats of inciting an insurrection because of the speech he gave to his supporters shortly before the storm of the Capitol. Never before has a deposition procedure been initiated against an American president twice in a term.

Trump yesterday condemned the deposition procedure, which he described as a new โ€œwitch huntโ€:

In contrast to the first impeachment procedure, in which it was about possible abuse of power by Trump, now in Trump’s own Republican Party there seems to be significantly more support for the deposition of the president. At least four Republicans in the House of Representatives say they support the expulsion procedure.

The New York Times also writes that the leader of the Republicans in Senate Mitch McConnell is satisfied with the expulsion process. Trump would be so easier to remove from the party, writes the newspaper based on sources around McConnell.

Congress is moving, to the disadvantage of Trump, notes correspondent Lucas Waagmeester. โ€œIf McConnel handles, it‘s done. McConnell has the power to draw senators with him, and he sets the agenda. The anger among the Republicans about Trump’s role is still growing.โ€

Also the main Republican in the House, Kevin McCarthy, is in his stomach with the procedure. In any case, he has decided not to actively advise his fellow parties not to vote for impeachment.

In order to depose Trump, the House must vote in favour of impeachment, and a two-thirds majority in the Senate is required. That means that in the Senate, 17 Republicans have to vote with the Democrats for deposition.