Victim stabbing incident confiscated Promes villa in Utrecht

The victim of the stabbing of which Quincy Promes is suspected has seized the villa of the Spartak Moscow attacker in Utrecht. That‘s what De Cceit reports Monday night.

The judge confirmed the seizure on Monday. It is a villa worth 1.2 million euros, plus an annex of 600,000 euros. Attorney Mr. Yehudi Moszkowicz confirms that he has taken legal action on behalf of the victim, Promes’s cousin. Including the batter. โ€œThis was done as a guarantee for an imminent claim,โ€ he says in a brief response to De Cceit.
Promes is suspected of having inflicted serious bodily injury to his cousin during a family celebration in a warehouse of his company in Abcoude. He would have had a fight and then stabbed his cousin with a knife, according to several witnesses. The victim was severely injured in his knee.
Promes‘s attorney, Mr. Gerard Jump, won’t respond.

Victim stabbing allows seizure of villa Quincy Promes via @Telegraaf
โ€” Mike Verweij (@MikeVerweij) March 1, 2021