Victim support: this is how we have to ‘unburden’ people

You‘ve been threatened by someone with a knife, beaten up in the street, or robbed. To make the confusion even greater, you then have to deal with an avalanche of mail from all kinds of agencies. With the chain partners, Victimerhulp Nederland offers people from Monday a central and strictly personal place in which all messages are brought together clearly.

Victims log in to MyVictim Case with their DigiD code and see everything that is relevant to them. , โ€œUnworriesโ€ Rosa Jansen calls it. She is chairman of the board of the Victimerhulp Nederland. Her organization is almost daily confronted with questions from victims who have lost the overview because information comes to them from all sides and they often don’t see the forest through the trees.

Jansen:,, They are emotionally going through a difficult period and therefore still have to deal with letters from the police about their report, about the arrest of a suspect, decisions of the Public Prosecutor‘s Office on whether or not to prosecute, information from the court about the hearing, forms that they must fill in if they wish to exercise the right to speak, or file a claim for damages, post of the Injury Fund of Violent Crimes and the Central Judicial Collection Bureau on the payment of the damages. Together with all these organisations, we are now taking a big step to create more overview for the victim.โ€

Alternative address

In practice things went wrong, says Jansen. ,, For example, a victim may choose not to specify their own address in the declaration to have information sent to, but to choose domicile. For example, at a police station. But if mail comes in there, who will guard it, and who will make it to you?โ€

,, Or problems arose because the victim and the defendant of a sex case within a family have the same initial letter, causing letters to fall into the wrong hands. It’s all causing unrest. In this way, victims do not get to process what happened to them.โ€

Digital file

From Monday all this information goes directly to their own digital file, which no one else can look into. Jansen:,, Victims are one click away from all the organizations they need. We thought, if there is also a medical record, why not a victim record?โ€

In addition to all correspondence with the organisations involved, MijnVictim Case also contains information about the rights of victims, the help they can get and who they need to contact.