Victoria 3 authors explain why they didnt give up slavery

The creators of Victoria 3 have released another developer‘s diary, and this time chose a sensitive topic for it: slavery. The slave trade was an important feature of the Victorian era, but because of the psychological trauma it caused, in many historical games, this mechanic is being omitted or transformed into some kind of economic Bonuses. Paradox decided to go the other way because it is certain that otherwise a number of conflicts, starting with the American Civil War, would have lost their context.

In addition, the developers want to release a credible society simulator, and that would be impossible if we just exclude all slaves from history or turn them into abstract modifiers. the goal is to try to show slavery, its causes, and the people who lived at the time and struggled, as close to history as possible.

We think this is the most respectful way to approach this topic, and it is most consistent with the game Victoria 3. Paradox aims to be.

The company explained how the game will be portrayed slaves and what processes would unfold around slavery. Slaves brought economic benefits, but a nation that allowed slavery would sooner or later be drawn into conflict.

Apart from the slaves themselves, the abolitionists will be riled against it. The developers also explained that they will not introduce a slave trading system, at least in the release version.

This is an important mechanic, but an economy-oriented game would have to put price tags on people, which would devalue the theme. But perhaps in time, the company will come up with fairly realistic mechanics.

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