Video – Worldwide Goal Azer Teun Koopmeiners against PSV: I did it awareness

Teun Koopmeiners was excellent on Wednesday evening in the first half of the show with PSV. The captain of AZ put his team on a 0-2 lead with two goals and in particular his second hit was to pass through a ring. The duel ended in 1-3


where the midfielder made the opening hit from the dot, he doubled the score with a formidable masterpiece from a corner. After a low kick by Jesper Karlsson, Koopmeiners tapped the ball from the tip of the five-meter area with the outside high over PSV goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo in the far corner.

The calendar year 2021 is still short, but the goal can certainly be shortlisted for ‘goal of the year’.

โ€œ Of course, luck came with it,โ€ said the captain in front of ESPN‘s camera about his first goal. โ€œBut I did do it consciously.โ€

Koopmeiners took a corner kick from Karlsson on a heel and saw the ball end up high in the target (0-2). โ€œThe trick is to hit the ball in such a way that it falls in,โ€ he said. โ€œWith beautiful goals, you often need luck. But I am very happy about it.โ€

Koopmeiners already scored eleven Eredivisie goals this season. Four of his hits he made from the dot. Twice he missed from 11 meters.

โ€œ But that’s not so important,โ€ he said about his team of goals. โ€œEveryone talked about the fact that we would drop on or off during the PSV duel. Luckily, we‘re hooked up. We’ve already lost far too many points this season. Now we have to fight to get even closer.โ€

Since the start of last season, which was previously demolished due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Koopmeiners has ranked 22 goals in 41 Eredivisie duels.