Vietnam & Kublai Khan set to Civilization VI to be released on January 28

Publishing house 2K announced the release of the fifth supplement as part of Civilization VI โ€” New Frontier Pass. The expansion, dubbed Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack, will be available on January 28 and sold both separately and as part of a seasonal skip. The addition of Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack adds a new civilization and its leader.

Kublai, or Kubla Khan, in reality ruled China and Mongolia, and in the game at its beginning gave Vietnam. The new civilization is rich in its ancient culture and favorable landscape.

In addition, the game will have a new mode, โ€œMonopolies and Corporationsโ€. In it, players will be able to build their own commercial empire, while taking advantage of bonuses from enterprises that produce the same type of resources.

And taking possession of the world‘s reserves of valuable resource, you can create a monopoly. Details about what is unique Hubilai and what is new waiting for players in Vietnam, the workers will tell us in a special video.

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