Viewers complain that old copy of “Brotherhood of the Ring” was let in Russia

From April 15 in cinemas of Russia again began to release the trilogy The Lord of the Rings – it was assumed that this is a restored version of 4K HDR with fresh color correction. However, judging by to the reviews of many viewers, the quality of Fraternity Ring raises questions. Complaints can be seen in comments of the official group VKontankte network Cinema Park and Formula Kino or a number of profile groups on the creativity of Tolkin.

According to viewers, stronger all suffered dark scenes in the film, which are sometimes simply impossible to watch due to poor image quality. Other users note that the picture is often very soapy.

The user of the DTF portal when trying to find an answer regarding the quality of rolling copies simply washed up, and then cinemas removed some references to their social sets. The general idea, which came to most of the audience – in cinemas RossiideMonstrate the old version of the picture, giving it out for a new release.

The film network itself officially did not comment on the situation in any way. More on CCeit Once Sony Santa Monica took on the shooter Six Days in Fallujah FIRST — a new single survival simulator in the post-apocalypse Setting Next update for Barotrauma will come out already this week.