Viewers drown out ‘Home Alone’ relaunch trailer in dislikes

A trailer for the Home Alone relaunch emerged yesterday, which viewers met extremely negatively and drowned it out in โ€œdislikesโ€ on YouTube. The video now has 9. 5 thousand likes and 25,000 dislikes, and the comments section is literally filled with dissatisfied and dissatisfied users.

Many point out the meaninglessness of such a relaunch in the presence of the original and its sequel, which have long since become classics. Now I know what Ill be watching at Christmas: two parts of Home One! The new films in the series are incapable of pulling with them.

DamWhy? Why reshoot masterpieces? You just completely copied everything, even the main characters mothers coat. Its horrorsadfmanSome thought it odd that the restart action is set in modern times when everyone has smartphones and other fast means of communication, which further kills faith in happening.

Disney: โ€œAnd lets make a terrible remake of a beautiful movie! โ€ MrJBenton on the web noted that this picture could significantly harm the career of Archie Yates, who viewers liked in Jojo Rabbit. At the same time, many say that in the trailer of the new film, the actor completely loses the image of Macaulay Culkin.

The last one, by the way, briefly commented on the video: Hello everyone. As many people ask me: I am NOT participating in the new relaunch of Home One.

But I wish everyone involved the best of luck. Macaulay CalkinRelease relaunch on November 12 on Disney+ streaming service More on Disney Gamemania hints at some Star Wars game news In League of Legends will take away general chat between teams to reduce toxicity Dwayne Johnson is still in contention with Vin Diesel.