Viggo Mortensen interested in TV series on “Lord of the Rings” because of the director

Viggo Mortensen said he was interested in watching a new series on The Lord of the Rings from Amazon. However, his interest primarily stems not from Aragorns own role in Peter Jacksons films, but to directing the first episodes of the project. They are put by Juan Antonio Bayona, author of Shelter and the second Jurassic World.

According to Mortensen, Bayona is a good director, and the actor wants to look at a new interpretation of Tolkiens material. Mortensen also revealed that he is engaged in a new project with director David Cronenberg, with whom he worked on three films.

Apparently, the fresh tape will bring the author back to his roots — that is, to projects like Fly and Videodrome. More on CCeit Aspyr is working on a game with a budget of 70 million dollars – the new Star Wars: Kotor? EA will continue to make games on Star Wars despite the end of the exclusive deal In development has launched another movie about the hero of the 1920s Buck Rogers.