Viggo Mortensen reveals why he turned down Wolverine role in X-Men

Viggo Mortensen spoke about the reasons he once gave up his role as Wolverine in โ€œX-Men. โ€ According to the actor, when he dated director Brian Singer, he worried he might be stuck in one image, playing the character for years. Also, the tape had script issues, which Mortensen‘s son pointed out.

The last one read the story and noticed that here โ€œeverything is wrongโ€, and in the original story developed inache. Singer asked the child if he was really familiar with the image of Logan from comics, to which he replied in the affirmative and added that there โ€œthe character looked differentโ€.

And then Singer began to explain why in certain places moved away from the canon. As a result, Singer did not change his approach, and Mortensen refused the role as his son’s doubts were imposed on his own.

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