Villarreal has written the Europa League to its name at the expense of Manchester United. After 120 minutes of playing there was a 1-1 final score on the scoreboard, which meant that penalties had to be used. They were best taken by the Spanish club. It wasnt until the eleventh penalty shovel that things went wrong for United: David De Gea became the big schlemile.
The game started a little lazy. The Mancunians took the initiative against the Spanish opponent, who fell far back on their own half. It didn
t make the game any more fun. United did not know what to do with the defensive Villarreal and did not come to real danger.
On the other side of the field, the first chance immediately resulted in a goal. Villarreal-top scorer Moreno was completely released after a free kick by Dani Parejo and was able to work the ball behind David De Gea. It looked like an educated free kick of El Submarino Amarillo, the United players could not follow it.

GOAL: There he is! Alberto Moreno is entering for Villarreal after a sharp free kick by Dani Parejo. Will the Spaniards win their first European prize? #UEL #RTL7
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) May 26, 2021

Villarreal managed to hold this intermediate position fairly easily until the rest. However, United came better after the tea break. Villarreal did not come from its own half and that resulted in the equalizer. Cavani got the ball with some luck for his feet, did not hesitate and shot it hard behind Gerónimo Rulli. The VAR François Letexier, together with AVAR Pol van Boekel, was still looking at possible offside, but the hit remained.

Goaltjesthief Edinson Cavani makes equal! With half an hour left to play, its 1-1. Are we going to extend? #UEL #RTL7
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) May 26, 2021

United then went in search of the winning hit and came several times threatening for the purpose of Villarreal. Right before time, Paul Pogbas biggest chance was, but his headball flew over Rullis goal.
In the regular playing time United and Villarreal did not find the net anymore, which meant that an extension was necessary to appoint a winner. Villarreal got out of the starting blocks in it better. The Spaniards came a few times menacing for the purpose of De Gea, but the visor was not on sharp. In the remainder of the extension, little happened: penalties had to make the decision.
It was in the end Villarreal that the pingels took the best. It became a nerve-wracking series: the players of both teams could not miss for a long time. It was only at an 11-10 intermediate stand for Villarreal that things went wrong. The Gea, who did not turn any of the eleven Spanish penalties, did not get the ball past Rulli. It caused great joy to Villarreal, that after two Intertoto Cups the Europa League is now allowed to write to its name.

VILLARREAL WINS THE EUROPA LEAGUE! After an incredible series of penalties, David de Gea misses his penalty and goalkeeper Geronimo Rulli is forever the hero of Villarreal. #UEL #RTL7
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) May 26, 2021