Vince Vaughn defends handshake Donald Trump

Actor Vince Vaughn defends his decision to shake hands with President Donald Trump. That happened in January at an event in New Orleans, which was highly criticized by him. Now he‘s letting himself out about that.

In an interview with The LA Times, he says he’s not sorry. โ€œIn my career, I have met many politicians for whom I have been cordial,โ€ says Vaughn. โ€œI met Nancy Pelosi and I was cordial to her. It was the only time I ever met Trump. We said hello and he was very friendly. Furthermore, I did not immerse myself in his policy.โ€

The video in which the actor and the president greeted each other went viral. Some fans were disappointed in Vaughn. โ€œI was raised with the idea that you can have different preferences and beliefs and that you have to respect and defend other people,โ€ he says about that himself.

The 50-year-old Vaughn is known for the films Swingers, The Break-Up and Jurassic Park.