Vink cracks Ajax policy: ‘Signal to Young Ajax, minimum chance of first team’

Marciano Vink doesnt understand that Ajax hired Lucas Ocampos from Seville. According to the ESPN analyst, the Argentine attacker is not adding anything in Amsterdam. According to Vink, youth players are the brunt of the rental deal.
Ocampos was rented from Seville for four million euros for one year on Deadline Day. So far, his contribution to Ajax has been limited to four attacks. Vink suspects that a number of Jong Ajax attackers are disappointed. โ€œYou get Ocampos, while you also have Amourricho Van Axel Dongen and Sontje Hansen,โ€ he says at Voetbalpraat. โ€œThey already indicated in the media that they were ready and were eager to join Ajax 1.โ€
According to Vink, the arrival of Ocampos is not related to the level of Van Axel Dongen and Hansen. โ€œThe point is that it is a signal to Jong Ajax. Players like รœnรผvar, attackers and midfielders now know that the chances of making it to the first team are really minimal.โ€ Tick has yet to see if Ocampos is an โ€œAjax playerโ€. โ€œThose kinds of purchases, or rent in this case, are very crude towards youth school.โ€
โ€œIf you didn
t make it to Ocampos, you dont even have to let those young boys fill in all the time. Insert them if youre up to 4-0. By shifting with players like Berghuis and Kudus, you dont even need to make it to Ocampos,โ€ concludes Vink, who insists that Jong Ajax attackers should be given a chance.