Vink judges hard about De Boer: ‘He should have responded to that much sooner’

Marciano Vink thinks that coach Frank de Boer made a mistake not to exchange Patrick van Aanholt. According to ESPNs analyst, it would have made it easier for Orange to get to football.
The Dutch team lost 2-0 from the Czech Republic on Sunday evening and has to leave the European Championships. Vink states that that could have been prevented. โ€œYou saw that Van Aanholt was often the free man, but De Boer has to respond to that earlier,โ€ he says during the afterthought analysis on ESPN. โ€œHe has to take Van Aanholt out and then bring Timber.โ€
As a result, more could have been created on the left. โ€œBlind would have gone to the left and you get a football player to the ball more often. From there you can move on, so their midfielders should have chosen between Blind and Frenkie de Jong. Now they didn
t have to choose. I was surprised about that.โ€
The overall level of the Dutch team was particularly moderate, according to Vink anyway. โ€œThe midfield was slow, the defense wasnt short, and with Donyell Malen, the attackers were really dramatic. Tell me, I dont know what happened. At least its not good what we saw.โ€

Marciano Vink has also surprised the choices of the national coach ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) June 27, 2021