Vink praises PSV maturity, Perez critically on Til: “Of insufficient level”

After 45 minutes of play, PSV is 0-1 ahead of AS Monaco thanks to a goal by Joey Veerman. ESPN analysts Marciano Vink and Kenneth Perez are pleased.
PSV had a hard time in Monaco, but then straightened its back. A wonderful goal after good work by Sangaré, Saibari and Luuk de Jong. I found PSV starting off restlessly, without Monaco becoming really dangerous. There was no line in PSV‘s game, says Vink.
After that, they got a little more control over it and Veerman interfered more with the build-up instead of Sangaré, although PSV was not immediately dangerous as a result. The match is not that sparkling, but PSV keeps it closed well and plays compact, says Vink.
Perez shares Vink’
s opinion, but is also critical. Guus Til has to go the extra mile, he says. Til made three on Saturday, but this is also Til.. Act very slowly, what do I want with the ball? , the execution.. He‘s the one who gets to the ball often in space. This was of an insufficient level. Here the ball jumps off its feet again. He will be the free kick and as number ten you will be happy, but not in this match.
Finally, a ref with balls.
I didn’
t think it was a penalty at all, says Vink.