Virgin blood can be extracted in Vampire Clans

Warsaw studio RockGame announced another future project. Authors and publishers of a number of different simulators are working on the game Vampire Clans, in which we have to lead our own vampire clan and make it the master of all Paris. In the game we can & Build a refuge for the vampires of his clan in the Paris dungeon and develop it, attracting more and more followers.

An important role in the capture of the city will play various rituals, and blood for them will have to collect from civilians. The head of the clan will often engage in fights with competitors.

And in them will go magic, alchemy, weapons and special abilities. Defeated opponents can be both killed and recruited.

And our soldiers we will be able to train and develop, making of cave bloodsuckers real vampire lords. About the release date of Vampire Clans is not yet known, but the game can already be added to the list desired on Steam.

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