Virus experts are worried: ‘More and more infections’

For some time now, the number of corona infections has been increasing in the Netherlands. Also today, the virus was discovered in 2700 people. Experts say thats bad news.

Second wave

As before this year, many people have fallen ill in a short time. Therefore, this is now called the โ€œsecond wave.โ€ In several hospitals, special departments for corona patients have again been opened.

Virus expert Annemiek van der Eijk has been conducting research on the corona virus since January. She is concerned that the virus will spread further if people do not follow the rules properly. Thats what Prime Minister Rutte is afraid of.

Annemiek van der Eijk hopes that people will keep a good distance and stay at home when they are sick. If fewer people get infected, spots dont have to close again.

Prime Minister Rutte told us yesterday that there will be additional rules in more places from Sunday evening. For example, cafes may remain open until less late and no more than 50 people are allowed to gather at events.

Annemiek van der Eijk does not think that the schools will close again soon, because last time it was annoying for many children and parents. โ€œThey will now do everything they can to keep the schools open,โ€ she says.