Virus: More than two million deaths, WHO wants vaccinations in all countries

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now calling for vaccination in all countries โ€œin the next hundred daysโ€ to deal with the pandemic that has left more than two million deaths worldwide.

In total, 2,000,066 deaths were recorded, for 93,321,070 reported cases, according to a counting carried out by AFP on the basis of official balance sheets provided by the authorities on Friday at 18:25 GMT.

Europe, with 650,560 deaths, is the most affected region, ahead of Latin America/Caribbean (542,410) and USA/Canada (407,090).

โ€œI want to see vaccination begin in all countries in the next 100 days,โ€ said the director general of the agency Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as campaigns have started almost exclusively in rich countries for the moment.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres lamented the โ€œpainful courseโ€ of the two million deaths, regretting the โ€œfailure of solidarityโ€ in the current vaccination worldwide.

โ€œWe are seeing a vaccine vacuum today,โ€ he added. โ€œWhile high-income countries have access to vaccines, this is not the case for the poorest countries. It is a success for science but a failure for solidarityโ€.

In the United States, Joe Biden unveiled his plan at the White House to accelerate the immunization of Americans, with the creation of outreach immunization centres, enhanced federal and state cooperation, and more prevention campaigns.

โ€œI promise you, we will manage this operation like never before,โ€ said President-elect of his stronghold in Wilmington, Delaware, five days before his oath.

Joe Biden, 78, seeks to eradicate the root of the economic and health crisis that is undermining the United States: on average, since 1 January, more than 3,000 people have died of Covid-19 every day in the United States.

The Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) called on Friday to extend the genome sequencing of variants of the novel coronavirus, which are more contagious and that cause fear of a resurgence of the pandemic.

However, he opposed โ€œfor nowโ€ the introduction of Covid-19 vaccination certificates as a condition to allow international travellers to enter a country.